Top 10 Series

Much of the content in this blog features series of posts that deal with the fundamental issues of Christian philosophy.

Below are the 10 key series I highly recommend you read

1. What’s The Point?Krill Sucking Leviathan Why are we here? Is there a God?  If so, what does He want from us? The Answers start here!  (14 posts)
2.  How to Think Like God

This is your mind . . . your sweet, delicious mind.

This is your mind . . . your sweet, delicious mind.


Always be Right!  End Any Argument! Become Exponentially Smarter! Bring about world peace!  (2 posts)
3.  Faith

No one ever talks about Isaac's faith. . .

No one ever talks about Isaac’s faith. . .

We all live by faith whether we want to admit it or not. This series examines the rationality (and irrationality) of Faith, and why it’s so important to God  (5 posts)
4.    ReligionLeaf-Rash Religion is perhaps the most dangerous and deceptive practice known to man.   It causes brain damage and has led to all  manner of destruction. It can lead you away from God while making you THINK you are getting closer to Him!


This series helps you understand WHAT religion is, HOW it works, and WHY it’s so dangerous.  (5 posts)

5.   Two Trees in the GardenThe Eviction This series provides non-contradictory Biblical definitions and explanations for some of the most fundamental concepts in life: Good, Evil, Life, Death, Original Sin, and Salvation. These posts will help you understand EVERYTHING about Christian philosophy!  (8 posts)
6.   The RedeemerHoly Idol Who is Jesus? Is He the Messiah? Was He God or just a man? This series answers those questions (3 posts)
7.   The Great InvasionVictorious Defeat This series looks at the advent of Jesus from a unique perspective – that of His enemies! To them, Jesus was a hostile invading force that came to conquer them and redeem humanity!  (4 posts)
 11.   Organized ReligionKeys to the kingdom
If religion is the world’s most destructive practice, then the Mystics who institutionalized it are the most dangerous men on earth! How and why did they create religious institutions?  (3 posts)
9.   Know Thy Enemymonster under bed Is there really a “Devil”?  Where did he come?  What does he want? This series looks at our enemy’s identity and methods  (8 Posts)
10.    Human GovernmentFutility  Man’s futile attempt to rule himself without God has led to much of the evil humanity has experienced in its history. Why is every government doomed to descend into tyranny and failure?  (2 posts)


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